My name is Szymon. I am a software programmer and this is my personal website. I created it to simplify contact with potential employers and as a way to tell people who I am and what I can do for them. You’ll find here many of my articles, galleries with pictures about some of my travels, samples of my programming work and job-related information. Unfortunately I was able to translate into English only the most important elements. If you speak Polish (which is my native language), you may want to switch into it to get more content. I wish you a pleasant reading.

Szymon Wieloch

Hire Me as a Programmer

I have more than 10 years of experience in creating complex software solutions for the top companies. For several years I have been self-employed and have been working on contracts usually for American or West European companies. I am also open to remote work. I take pride in being a very effective, practice-oriented person. I love working in dynamic, agile teams which make full use of my skills, high motivation and an ability to find elegant solutions to complex problems.

My skills are concentrated around software development and project management with particular emphasis on C/C++, Rust, Python, web stack (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript)  and agile methodologies like Scrum or Kanban. I specialize in low-level programming related to electronics, telecommunications, real-time or high-load systems and finances.

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Companies I Worked For

Biological pipelines for cancer research.
Automotive message router (gateway).
Prototype of an application that could discover and recreate the whole network topology using SNMP and several other protocols.
Development of a modern digital car radio mounted in luxury cars.
Real time bidding platform for showing advertisement on mobile phones. This project (created almost entirely by me) earned 20 000 000$ during several years.
Content management system of the biggest news and entertainment portal in Poland.
Management and monitoring component of the fastest analytical database in the world.
Mobile VoIP client, a little similar to Skype. It could seamlessly integrate with a mobile phone providing IP calls using the normal phone interface.
Telecommunication layer of the system used in mobile services. It plays ring back tones (music instead of a waiting signal) to users.  The system is used by all Polish mobile service vendors for example as „Czasoumilacz”, „Granie na czekanie” etc. services.

My commercial projects My resume

Start a Startup in Poland

Kraków – a city in Poland – is known to be one of the best places in the world to start a startup company.

Forbes article

Tholons ranking

Low employment cost, high availability of workers and excellent education system with multiple universities teaching computer science – all these factors add up to the attractiveness of the region. Why waste money in USA on overpaid workers and struggle to find employees if you can easily get them in Poland?

With 10 years of experience in IT, mainly in startups, after MBA studies and multiple management courses and with a broad network of contacts I am a perfect person to help you with starting your own business and saving money. Interested? Let’s talk.


Finished Courses and Certificates

Electronics And Telecommunications – Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in electronics and networks with a specialization in telecommunications.
Master Of Business Administration – famous business postgraduate studies
Coach And Trainer – postgraduate studies in coaching and performing trainings
PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner – course in managing large scale project,  European  equivalent of PMP
Professional SCRUM Master – certificate in agile software project management
Project Management Foundation, Project Management Orientation – internal IBM courses in software project management
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) – course in configuring and managing IP networks
Project Budgeting, Project Team Management – complementary courses in project management
First Certificate In English – certificate in the English language
Practitioner In The Art Of NLP – course and certificate in Neuro-Linguistic programming
More than 50 hours of training in soft skills, time management, negotiations, motivation and others during weekly meetings
Contact and Relations, Automotivation, and weekly meetings – more than 100 hours of training NLP, Gestalt and soft skills

Pictures of my certificates

Consulting and Architecture Design Services for IT

Do you have a difficult project and don’t know where to start? Do you need to choose from a huge set of technologies and languages and you just don’t know enough details to choose the best one?

The IT world is becoming more and more complex as new languages, databases, patterns and methodologies are being developed. No doubt that navigating through all of them can give you a headache. During my 10+ years of work in multiple projects I have gained broad experience in almost all most popular IT technologies. This knowledge allows me now to help you with your project. I provide both consulting and application design services that will allow you to easily start even a very complex project. Interested?

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Get to Know Me

Thanks to this site you can also learn more about me and my personal life. I have included here many articles that I wrote during my MBA studies, posted on multiple forums or wrote for some befriended blogs. You can also find here pictures from important events in my life.




Random Posts

Gardens of Tuscany

Pictures taken during a one-week trip to one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.


Pictures from my parachute jump from 13 000 feet.

Martial Arts Certificates

Certificates that I received after exams or during trainings in a variety of martial arts courses. Mainly Krav Maga.

Long Distance Running

Long distance running has been my passion for several years. I estimate that during this time I have run around 1250 miles and two marathons.

Open Source Projects

Link to my GitHub subpage with open source projects.

Moasis – my Biggest Commercial Success

Moasis is a project that was created from scratch by me and only me. Additionally it became a huge commercial success.

Krav Maga

In 2018, after more than 7 years of training, I finally passed the black belt exam and became one of very few martial arts experts in Poland.

The Phenomenon of Arising Informal Behaviors among Employees

Informal behavior: what is it? For the purpose of this article, let’s define informal behaviors as all behaviors that are not a result of formal requirements stated by managers. Some of them may be related to professional purposes, others may be behaviors that result from laziness or selfishness.


Pictures from a trip to India lasting nearly a month.

Discovering Network Topologies

When you work as a network administrator, there are few more useful tools than an application that discovers your network topology and is capable of drawing it to you and providing all the information about the network. Let’s look at several ways how we can find devices in our network and build connections between them.


Pictures taken in Nepal – a country in Asia. Mainly in the Chituan National Park.

Synchronous vs Asynchronous IO Operations

Due to a growing complexity of software systems, there is a natural tendency towards simpler methods that achieve similar (although not identical) results. Examples include Java or C# language. This process highly relies on removing the need for understanding complex operations that take place inside your operating system kernel. a Programmer is only supposed to combine prebuilt components into his application. This “idiot-friendly” solutions often lead to dramatic decrease in you application performance.